It’s World Porridge Day!

Today, October 10th, 2017, is World Porridge Day. The Scottish village of Carrbridge – home of the annual World Porridge Making Championship – teamed up with the Scottish-based charity Mary’s Meals to establish World Porridge Day. Mary’s Meals entices children in impoverished regions to stay in school by providing them with a daily meal, mostly in the form of the local version of porridge. By staying in school, the children are able to gain a basic education that can help them escape poverty.

Travel season in the Great White North

"No better place to be on a nice summer evening. Just me, the mosquitoes, and the oat plots."

Soothing words from Tom Rabaey!

It's summertime in the north, and everyone seems to be on the move. Aside from enjoying vacation time, a lot of people are participating in crop tours and other site visits. The next Oat Newsletter update will have a number of articles about those, but more are always welcome, so please send me your stories about any visiting that you've done!

In the meantime, what I have for you is another round-up of news from the Web, which is available in the “Community News” section.

Linking the Past, Present, and Future

The oat research community has been around for a long time, and this newsletter update brings you a whole new section called “Historical Documents”. In this section, you can find copies of hard-to-find books and documents from years past, as well as more recent histories describing past oat research. Don’t forget that the Oat Newsletter archive is also available! Both of these sections can be found under the “Research” tab.

WOT’S up? Oh, wait….

Let’s try again…the “SWOT” analysis initiated by Chris Green at the 10th IOC has been completed, and is presented in the “Research Reports” section, as are three new T3/Oat tutorials from Clare Saied.

I also came across two documents of special interest published on-line by the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative: both volumes of “The Cereal Rusts”, originally published in the 1980’s:

Happy Year of the...Oat?!

Happy 2017, Happy Year of the Rooster, and Happy Year of the Oat, as well! “Common oat” has been declared the “Medicinal Plant of the Year” by the Study Group for the Historical Development of Medicinal Plant Science at Würzburg University, Germany. You can read all about it in the “Community News” section.

Gatherings galore....

This newsletter update brings you four new research reports, found in the “Research Reports” section. One, by Axel Diederichsen, describes growing perennial oats at PGRC, one is a summary of an article by Yolanda Loarce, et al., and two are tutorials from Clare Saied, et al., describing more tools in T3/Oat.