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The 11th IOC will go ahead in Perth, Australia, from October 10-13th, 2022! The 11th IOC website is here.

This is a hybrid conference with in-person and virtual options for attendance. Registration is open! The agenda for the main meeting is now available. Don't forget that you can opt in for the field day or one of four other post-conference workshops. Separate registration is required for the workshops.

**Watch the "Speaking of Oats..." webinar by Pamela Zwer (Oat Breeding Consultant and former oat breeder at SARDI, Australia) and Guests regarding the "The origin and evolution of the International Oat Conferencehere.**

IOC Committee structure

As of July 15th, 2016, the co-presidents of the IOC are Catherine Howarth, IBERS, UK, and Nick Tinker, AAFC, Canada. The secretary is Kathy Esvelt Klos, USDA-ARS, USA.

A list of representatives from each country (updated in 2022) is here.

The draft minutes from the St. Petersburg meeting are here.

The "International Oat Workers' Code of Ethics for Germplasm Exchange" is here


Update concerning sponsorship of the 11th IOC

Opportunities to sponsor the 11th IOC are now available. Please see the letter from Rachel Nash here and the sponsor prospectus here.

Watch a video about Perth and the Australian oat industry here! (Give it a bit of time to load....) Also, the presentation given by Ashley Wiese at AOWC 2018 is here.


Important update concerning seed quarantine

Seed samples being sent to Perth for IOC2020 must be received by April 9th, 2018. Yes, 2018! See here for more details.


The votes have been tallied, and the next IOC meeting will be held in Perth, Australia, in 2020.

"The IOC executive received votes from 20 member countries. Australia and Greece/Cyprus abstained from the vote, and four countries did not reply. Of the 20 countries that voted, 17 preferred Perth and 3 preferred Cyprus.

Some countries mentioned in their replies that the presence of industry and a major oat producing area in Western Australia was important to their members. However, people also recognized the attraction of seeing first-hand a region where Avena species have originated. Given this, we feel there may be support for a future IOC conference in Cyprus, or possibly a European-based conference in a non IOC or AOWC year.

On behalf of all countries, the Executive wishes to thank both organizing committees for the substantial efforts they made in assembling two excellent bids, and for engaging all of the IOC members in this important decision. We congratulate Perth, Australia, on being selected as the next IOC venue, and we look forward to a strong and exciting conference in September or October 2020.

With regard to the timing, we note that the proposed dates may be difficult for breeders in the Northern hemisphere that plant winter oats. These members would prefer a later date in October if that were possible, and we recommend that Perth initiate discussion with the entire IOC community as they select a final date**. We also note that Perth will require advance coordination with the oat community to meet the quarantine requirements of Australia.

With best regards to all,
   Catherine Howarth (co-chair)
   Nick Tinker (co-chair)
   Kathy Klos (secretary)"


Preliminary information regarding the upcoming meeting in Perth:

"The Australian Steering Committee for the 11th International Oat Conference held its first meeting 27 September. We would like to thank the International Oat Committee and the members they represent for supporting the Australian bid to host the 11th IOC in Perth in 2020. The bid has the backing of the Oat Council of the Grains Industry Association of Western Australia who will host the conference in Perth, together with research and industry partners from around Australia.

One of our earliest priorities is to determine a suitable date for the conference. We will be asking Nick Tinker and Catherine Howarth as co-chairs of the International Oat Committee to canvas representatives for potential dates from mid-September to mid-October 2020, which is spring time in Perth and the best time to visit field nurseries and crops. The Committee also plan to develop a website in the next few months to post relevant information and updates as planning progresses.

As convener of the 11th IOC, I look forward to working with the international oat committee and the Australian Steering Committee to make the 11th IOC a great success. So once again thanks, the Australian committee is looking forward to developing an exciting program for researchers and industry.

   -Pamela Zwer"


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