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The “OatMail” mailgroup

“OatMail” is an e-mail forum for discussion and announcements of specific interest to the broader oat research community. It is administered by GrainGenes and the editor of the Oat Newsletter. OatMail is different from the Oat Newsletter mailing list in that any member can use OatMail to send a direct message to all other members on the list. Members can also reply to messages when the resulting discussion is deemed to be of general interest. Messages will, however, need to be approved by a moderator before they are sent out to the entire membership. With membership, you can choose whether to receive all emails, or daily or weekly digests. You can also choose to provide a short description of your interests that will be included with your name in the membership directory.

"OatMail vs. OatNews - a song"

Subscribing to the mailgroup:

To subscribe to the mailgroup, please fill out the form at this address:

You will receive confirmation of your acceptance as well as a password to access your account. You can update your information or unsubscribe at any time. The list of current members is always available, but email addresses are not published.

Using the mailgroup:

To post a message to everyone in the group, simply e-mail it to the following address:


  • please keep to the topic of oats.
  • anything deemed to be spam will not be posted.
  • announcements concerning innovative new products may be allowed, but overt sales pitches for commercial products will not be posted.
  • healthy discussion is encouraged, but messages containing inflammatory statements, derogatory remarks, foul language, etc., will not be posted.