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Nomenclature Committee

At the AOWC meeting in 2014, it was decided that the Nomenclature Committee would serve the oat research community better by becoming a part of the International Oat Conference (IOC) group. This change was agreed upon at the 2016 IOC meeting. The current membership of the Nomenclature Committee (IONC) is listed here. A page has been set up on GrainGenes to host official communications.

New oat gene and chromosome nomenclature standards

Jellen, E.N., Wight, C.P., Spannagl, M., Blake, V.C., Chong, J., Herrmann, M.H., Howarth, C.J., Huang, Y.-F., Juqing, J., Katsiotis, A., Langdon, T., Li, C., Park, R., Tinker, N.A., and Sen, T.Z. (2024) A uniform gene and chromosome nomenclature system for oat (Avena spp.). Crop & Pasture Science 75: CP23247.

Lists of oat genes and quantitative trait loci

Wight, C.P., Blake, V.C., Jellen, E.N., Yao, E., Sen, T.Z., and Tinker, N.A. (2024) One hundred years of comparative genetic and physical mapping in cultivated oat (Avena sativa). Crop & Pasture Science 75: CP23246.

    • Supplementary materials can be found at the link above or here. Genome browser tracks are here (check listing on the left hand side).

Simons, M.D., Martens, J.W., McKenzie, R.I.H., Nishiyama, I., Sadanaga, K., Sebesta, J., and Thomas, H. (1978) Oats: a standardized system of nomenclature for genes and chromosomes and catalog of genes governing characters. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC. USDA Agric. Handb. 408.

Simons, M.D., Zillinsky, F.J., and Jensen, N.F. (1966) A standardized system of nomenclature for genes governing characters of oats. USDA, ARS Bull. 34-85, 22 pp..


Oat gene mapping and sequencing


Some resources concerning DSI (Digital Sequencing Information) and its use in the context of the CBD and ITPGRFA


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