Got plans for Friday? (And beyond?)

This Friday, July 6th, at noon CST, the Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI) will be hosting another Learning Call. This time, Earl Canfield will discuss his specialized equipment and technique for harvesting oats by swathing to maintain quality for his on-farm animal feed business.

PFI will also be holding a workshop entitled “Rotationally Raised – Making Small Grains Work”. This event will be held at Minnesota State U. in Mankato, MN, on July 30th.

Other upcoming events include:

  • Oat Day 2018 at ORDC, AAFC, in Ottawa, ON, on July 24th,
  • CROPS-A-PALOOZA in Portage la Prairie, MB, on July 25th, and
  • “Plant Breeding for Low Input Systems” – a workshop and field day sponsored by partners in the organic industry being held at U. Alberta in Edmonton, AB, on August 8th.

For these last four, please go to the individual event listings for more details.

All the news and presentations from the recent American Oat Workers Conference (AOWC) in Seattle will be posted soon. Oh – and you’re stuck with me (Charlene Wight) as Oat Newsletter Editor for another four years….  :-)