**New contact info** (And a virtual field day!)

We've been having some technical issues with the newsletter, and ended up losing the curator's email account in the process. The new email address is oatnewsletter@gmail.com.

While that whole mess has been a real field day(!), there's also a virtual one coming up on June 24th. It's being sponsored by the Practical Farmers of Iowa, and further information can be found here.

More news to come soon!

Extraordinary times - with a hint of normalcy….

The last newsletter update brought the unfortunate news that the 11th International Oat Conference was being postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, many events have been cancelled outright, and others have been postponed. The 5th Genomic Selection Course, for example, will now be held in September instead of June.

A changing of (some of) the guard

Twenty-eight years ago today, on February 24th, 1992, I (Charlene Wight) joined what is now the Ottawa Research and Development Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) to work on oat genomics. Over those 28 years I have met many amazing people in the broader oat community, including Bruce Roskens, who recently retired from Grain Millers, Inc.. A summary of Bruce's career, which includes his being presented with the Award for Distinguished Service to Oat Improvement, has been added to the "Hall of Fame" section under "Retirements".

Happy Year of the, um...

So is it the Year of the Rat? Or the Year of the Oat? How about both?

First, I would like to say Happy Year of the Rat to those of you celebrating Lunar New Year, which is this Saturday, January 25th. Saturday is also Burns Night for those of us with a Scottish background, so be sure to raise a glass to the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns and indulge in some haggis or cranachan, both of which are made with oats.

Upcoming events

There are many oat-related events coming up in 2020! The calendar has just been updated to include two Practical Farmers of Iowa meetings, the Saaten Union Oat Convention in Braunschweig, Germany, the NAMA Spring Conference in Florida, and a plant and animal breeding course being offered by the University of Edinburgh, SRUC, and CGIAR in Edinburgh, Scotland. Please check the bottom of the home page and the rest of the calendar to see all of the events listed and take note of upcoming deadlines. The deadline for registering for the Saaten Union event, for example, is December 16th!

New post-doc opportunity at USDA-ARS in Aberdeen, ID

We have word from Kathy Klos that a new post-doc position is available at USDA-ARS in Aberdeen, ID! They are looking for someone to study crown rust resistance in oat and Fusarium head blight resistance in barley. This is an ORAU/ORISE post-doctoral fellowship open to recent PhDs who may be non-US citizens under circumstances described in the posting.

The link is here: https://www.zintellect.com/Opportunity/Details/USDA-ARS-2019-0160.