Ottawa Oat Day, 2018 - ORDC, AAFC, Ottawa ON

Ottawa Oat Day,  2018, will be held at the Ottawa Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, on July 24th.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Weikai Yan (Weikai.Yan@AGR.GC.CA) or Charlene Wight (Charlene.Wight@AGR.GC.CA).


8:30 am: Meet at the entrance of the Ottawa Research and Development Centre facing Carling Ave.; get ready to go to the oat fields. 

Address: 960 Carling Ave., Ottawa ON

Once in the field:

  • Welcome by Michèle Marcotte, Dir. RDT, ORDC,  AAFC
  • Tour of the oat field. We have in the nurseries in the field
  1. Breeder Seed plots of new cultivars/lines
  2. Quebec Oat Registration and Recommendation Test
  3. Ontario Oat Performance Test
  4. Western Cooperative Oat Registration Test
  5. USDA Midseason Uniform Oat Nursery
  6. ORDC Oat Registration Trial
  7. ENCORE (Joint Test of 4 North American Spring Oat Breeding programs)
  8. ORDC Home Test (with genomic selection)
  9. Quaker Oat Area Test

10:45 am: Leave the field and return to KW Neatby for lunch and research reports (lunch and soft drinks will be provided).

 Information reports and discussion:

  • Welcome by the ADM  
  • Weikai Yan: “Oat variety update”  
  • Nick Tinker and Wubishet Bekele: “Genomics-assisted breeding update:  Oat genomics: past, present, and future”
  • Judith Frégeau-Reid: “A new method for genotype and management evaluation based on multiple traits”
  • Baoluo Ma: “Oat Agronomic Study update: optimum planting densities and planting dates”
  • Allen Xue: “Surveillance of oat diseases in Ontario, 2008-2017”
  • Charlene Wight: “Your source(s) for oat information…the Oat Newsletter plus”
  • Terry Phillippe: “Oat production in northern Ontario and wish list for an ideal milling oat cultivar”

3:00 pm: close

Tuesday, July 24, 2018