Oats are good for you, outside and in!

We tend to consider oats as being mainly for food or feed purposes, but they’re good for other things as well – like ingredients for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. You can hear more about that at our next “Speaking of Oats…” (SOO) webinar, which will be held on Tuesday, April 26th, at 11:00 am EDT. Cark Maunsell, from Oat Cosmetics in the UK, will be our speaker, and you can register here.

“Speaking of Oats…” with Allan Rattey, InterGrain

This is a reminder that our next “Speaking of Oats…” webinar will be held on Tuesday, February 22nd at 5:30 pm (17:30 hr) EST (UTC -5). Allan Rattey, from InterGrain, Australia, will talk to us about “Australian oat breeding at InterGrain: Building upon public-funded breeding successes”. Please register here. As always, you can check the time offset here.

"Speaking of" the whole oat value chain....

Many meetings continue to be modified or cancelled because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation.  Please continue to check the calendar for updates.  (And let me know if I’ve missed something!)

For those of you interested in organic oat supply chains, Canadian Organic Growers is presenting a webinar that might be of interest this Friday, February 11th, at noon EST (UTC -5)

Some holiday cheer…

Oat Newsletter editor Charlene Wight holds a carton of "Oat Nog" and a mug that says "Warm Wishes"


Well, look what I found at my local grocery store in Ottawa, Canada – Oat Nog! It’s pretty good, too, with lots of nutmeg. (Look up "Egg Nog", if you're not familiar with the traditional Christmas drink.) Here in Ottawa the chances are quite high that we’ll have a white Christmas with a fair amount of snow this year, but I’m sure the experience in Perth, Australia, will be quite different....