Sharing resources

Let's begin with the sharing of resources on social media. It was through Twitter that I found out that a 7.8 magnitude earthquake had hit the region surrounding Kahramanmaraş in Turkey. I knew that Ziya Dumlupinar, whom many of you know well, was a professor at the university there, and sent him a direct message via Twitter to see what was happening. Fortunately, Ziya and his family survived.

From Abstracts to Zoom - part two

Let's begin the second part of this update with a word about where I find a lot of the information I share with you. Much of it comes from those I follow as @OatNewsletter on Twitter. I have not noticed much of a change in the type of content I see there since Elon Musk took over the platform; however, I am seeing large gaps in my timeline, which should be chronological. If any of you would like to make sure that I see what you tweet, then please tag me.

Student presentation bursaries for IOC are now being offered!

Time is moving on, and the absolute, final deadline for submitting abstracts to the International Oat Conference in Perth is July 20th. There are also new bursaries for students who wish to make presentations! More information on that is here and the abstract submission instructions and forms are here.