Happy New Year!

Happy 2018, everybody!

So – first things first! This is a big year for meetings, starting with PAG XXVI, which begins this weekend. If you’ll be attending, don’t forget that the Oat Workshop will be held Saturday, January 13th, at 4 pm. Remember, too, that AOWC 2018 will be held in Seattle, from June 19th-21st. REGISTRATION IS ONGOING, and the early bird deadline is February 28th! Please keep an eye on the calendar for information about other meetings, as well.

Following up on the last update, I have received responses to my requests from a few people (thank you!), and there is also a new request. Chris Green is asking whether anyone has or knows of any high amylose oat lines/varieties. Please get in touch with him or me (curator@oatnews.org) if you can help!

I’ve also completed the “web harvest” of articles for December, 2017. It’s in the “Community News” section. You may have noticed that I’ve included more peer-reviewed research papers in the most recent lists. I would much prefer it, though, if people could submit plain language summaries of their work, as that makes the work so much more accessible. To help you do this, I’ve created a template to be filled out (the link is also in the “About” section). These summaries will appear in the ”Research Reports” section – volume 55 this year!

Continuing with research work, Ziya Dumlupinar recently won the election to serve as President of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers of Kahramanmaras in Turkey. Congratulations, Ziya!

Lastly, it’s also #NationalOatmealMonth. Enjoy your January, everyone!