New annOATations and other items of nOAT

The annotations for version 2 of the OT3098 genome sequence are now available on Graingenes! An article by Mandy Waters describing the annotation process and listing the available files is in the "Research Reports" section.

In the same section, you can also find work by Sepehr Naraghi, et al. correcting the species designation of oat line PI 194895 from Ethiopia. A recent photo of Sepehr with Mike McMullen and John Davies can be seen here.

At last month’s “Speaking of Oats…” (SOO) webinar we heard a great talk from Axel Diederichsen regarding the complexities that genebanks face when it comes to acquiring and sharing plant genetic resources such as line PI 194895. More on this topic from a European perspective can now be found on the Euroseeds website. A new article concerning digital sequence information from plant genetic resources can be accessed here. Links to this paper and other information regarding DSI have now been added to the "Nomenclature" page.

As mentioned in the most recent update, the next SOO webinar will be on November 23rd at 2:00 pm (1400 hrs) EST , when we will be hearing from Nancy Ames, et al. regarding “Advancements in Oat Quality”. You can register to join us here. It was also mentioned that November 16th is “International Whole Grain Day”. In Australia, a new certified whole grain logo has been rolled out.

In Germany, efforts are being made to make oat milk and other similar beverages more available in schools. You can find an article concerning that in the "Community News" section. In the same section, you can find other stories concerning oat milk products and much more in the "Web Harvest" covering September to mid-November. This is a feature I had discontinued, but there’s just so much going on in the world of oat research, production, and consumption!

Still more information, this time concerning Canadian oat news, can be found in this month’s issue of POGA’s "Oat Scoop" newsletter. That newsletter contains information concerning a lot of producer meetings coming up over the next few months. Don’t forget to check the calendar at the bottom of this page for information concerning even more upcoming events!

In terms of upcoming deadlines, please note that the submission deadline for the "Barley and Oats: Chemistry, Health Benefits, Processing and Utilizations" special issue of MDPI's "Foods" journal, edited by Keshun Liu, has been extended until January 31st, 2022.

A new special issue of MDPI's "agronomy" journal called "Understanding and Predicting Genotype x Environment Interactions to Face Global Change", edited by Renaud Rincent, Jean-Luc Jannink, and Émilie Millet, is now accepting submissions. The deadline for those is May 17th, 2022.

In addition to submitting new work of interest to this newsletter, you are, as always, welcome to submit summaries of peer-reviewed articles. If you choose to do so, please use the template provided and send them to me at

Speaking of summarizing your work, you can now submit your abstracts for the International Oat Conference in Perth, Australia, in October, 2022! Learn more about the conference here. Scroll down the page a bit for a video from the recent Golden Spurtle World Porridge Championships, where Scott Bridger – who’s from Perth - took 6th place with his "Bravo apple and macadamia nut porridge with native hibiscus crisp fingers and lime curd". Well done, Scott!

One last item of nOAT - Katherine Gui, who was supervised by Aaron Beattie at the University of Saskatchewan, successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "A Canadian Oat Genomic Selection Study Incorporating Genetic and Environmental Information" last Tuesday. Congratulations, Katherine!