Three time-sensitive things

Steve H. photo of oat packages

There are three time-sensitive items for you today:

1. Steve Harrison has an urgent message regarding some mystery seed he was sent for planting:
“Each year I accumulate oat lines and germplasm from many different sources that are increased in Idaho and go into the ION. This year, we have a very large group of material of diverse origin, so the 2022 ION should be a good one. Last summer I received 40 handwritten envelopes as shown in the photo above. I can’t for the life of me track down paperwork or email that describes what these are and why I received them, but they were in the ID22 contributions box. I assume they are probably crown rust differentials. SO: if you sent these, please email me (Steve) with details.”

2. Jae Ohm has sent an advertisement for a category 4 chemist/food technologist to work on oats at USDA-ARS Fargo. You must be a US citizen or national to apply, and the deadline is June 1st.

3. The next “Speaking of Oats…” webinar will be held Thursday, May 20th, at 11:00 AM EDT:

      "Improving heat stress tolerance in MN-adapted oats using eco-physiological approaches.”

      Presented by Walid Sadok and Kevin Smith (University of Minnesota). Registration is OPEN.

Please note that the next full Oat Newsletter update will be posted after the “SOO…” webinar. That one will focus on retirements and new hires. If you have news items (including research news items) to share, please submit them ( before May 20th.  Thank you!