“Speaking of Oats…” in December: The International Oat Nursery

The video from November’s “Speaking of Oats…” (SOO) webinar is now available on YouTube.

Many thanks to Gordon Harrison and Dale Nellor for their insights into the work done by the Canadian National Milling Association (CNMA) and the North American Millers’ Association (NAMA). Thank you also to Tom Rabaey, Pat Ouimet, and Jim Bradeen, who represented Oat Global, and to Grant Czadzeck, from the UMN communications team.

If you still have a question for the presenters, please leave it in the comments section below the video, or send me a note before the end of the day on Monday, December 7th. Answers to those questions will be posted on the SOO page.

The next SOO webinar will be held on Thursday, December 17th, at 11:00 am Eastern time (Canada/USA). Steve Harrison (LSU, USA), Mónica Mathias (INIA, Chile), and Liliana Wehrhahne (INTA, Argentina) will talk to us about the International Oat Nursery. Registration for this webinar is NOW OPEN.

Please take a look at the calendar at the bottom of the home page for more webinars and virtual meetings coming up.

Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving – I wish all of you celebrating a very happy (and safe) holiday!