A new job opening, and more for your reading list!

This Newsletter update brings you word of a brand-new oat breeder position! The position is with InterGrain, in Perth, Australia. Information about how to apply can be found here. (Note that word of this position went out to OatMail subscribers first. Sign up here if you're interested in joining the group.)

The latest research report describes a new tool to help breeders. "BrAPI", an Application Programming Interface, was developed to provide breeders with seamless access to phenotyping and genotyping data from multiple sources. The report is in the "Research reports" section.

In the "Community News" section, we have three new items: the "Web Harvest" for May through July, a story celebrating porridge and breakfast in Europe, and an article concerning the recent field tour at the Ottawa Research and Development Centre, AAFC. Take a look, too, at the Facebook page for Saaten-Union GmbH. Information about their field day in June, as well as other topics, can be found there. The text is in German, but it's amazing how well Google Translate actually works!

Events still to come are in the calendar. I mentioned last time that the Practical Farmers of Iowa annual conference will be held on August 15-16. Jennifer Mitchell Fetch will hold her annual Oat Day at Brandon RDC, AAFC on August 8th, and the Gateway Research Organization's "Cut the Crop" tour in Westlock, AB, will be held on the same day. August 8th is also Oatcake Day in Staffordshire, England!

Please let me know about other upcoming events, and don't forget that I need your help to flesh out the new Nomenclature, Germplasm, and Pathology pages, as well as all the other sections. You can contact me at curator@oatnews.org. Thank you!