Wants and Wishes

Season’s Greetings, one and all! This newsletter update is all about wants and wishes. For example, the folks at Oatly AB were complaining that there were no holiday songs about beta-glucans, so I fulfilled that wish and wrote one….

Here, now, is your chance to fulfill someone else’s wishes:

  1. If you know of anyone who is currently researching BYDV resistance in oats, please contact Gideon Ladizinsky or send me a message (curator@oatnews.org).
  2. Nancy Ames is looking for oat varieties that have low fat/high protein, low fat/normal protein, or high protein/normal fat. Please contact her (or me) if you are able to help.
  3. If you are involved with any research or marketing involving feed oats, please get in touch with me.
  4. Kathy Esvelt Klos is looking at re-genotyping old oat mapping populations. Please contact her (or me) if you have any DNA or seed from these populations.
  5. The “Colleagues” database at GrainGenes is very out of date. Please check your current listing and send your edits if necessary by clicking on the "Submit comment/correction” on the page, or use the Feedback link on top of the GrainGenes page. If you also wish to sign up for the “Grains” mailing list (which can be used to reach people working in wheat, barley, oat, and other species), then please go to this LINK.
  6. We used to have an “Oatmail” mailing list just for the oat community, but it is not currently available. Should it be re-established? Please let me know your thoughts!

Now I suppose you’ll be wanting some information in return. There is another “Harvest from the Web” in the “Community News” section. You can also read the November issue of POGA’s “Oat Scoop” AND the very first issue of the new newsletter from ScanOats. Along with the newsletter, ScanOats has a new website and Twitter feed. You can also sign up for notifications from both ScanOats and POGA.

Here’s wishing all of you very Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2018!