Community matters...

This newsletter update focuses on stories from the community, and, yes, community matters! There are always good news stories and bad news stories, and, unfortunately, this update brings some bad news: Lon Hall, long-time oat breeder at South Dakota State University, passed away in August. His obituary can be found here, and a more detailed description of his work with oats will be added to the "Hall of Fame" later on.

For those of you with ties to the Quaker Oats mill in Peterborough, ON, you may also wish to know that David Porter passed away recently.

Much more pleasant news comes with word that Amir Ibrahim of Texas A&M was recently named a Fellow of the Crop Sciences Society of America. Congratulations, Amir!

Other stories concerning the community can be found in the “Community News” section. (Take a look to see who won the World Porridge Making Championship! That's part of the "Harvest".)

Don’t forget to let us all know what you’ve been up to, and take a look at the “Upcoming Events” listing at the bottom of the page to see where you can next meet up with people from the community!