Travel season in the Great White North

"No better place to be on a nice summer evening. Just me, the mosquitoes, and the oat plots."

Soothing words from Tom Rabaey!

It's summertime in the north, and everyone seems to be on the move. Aside from enjoying vacation time, a lot of people are participating in crop tours and other site visits. The next Oat Newsletter update will have a number of articles about those, but more are always welcome, so please send me your stories about any visiting that you've done!

In the meantime, what I have for you is another round-up of news from the Web, which is available in the “Community News” section.

That's not a lot of content, but there are many other sources of oat information. For example, the Prairie Oat Growers Association's "Oat Scoop" newsletter has recently been updated. They send out notifications, too, so if you would like to receive those, you can sign up on the POGA website. On another note, please take a look at the list of POGA-related AGM's just added to our events calendar!

If you're interested in oat rust, then you should be sure to sign up for the Cereal Rust Survey listserv, as well as start reading the Cereal Rust Bulletin. Here's what Katie Liberatore, editor-in-chief, has to say:

     "The Cereal Rust Bulletin is a report made several times per year during the height of the rust season by the USDA-ARS Cereal Disease Laboratory to summarize North American observations of cereal rusts. Cooperators are encouraged to submit observations to the Cereal Rust Survey listserv or directly to the current editor-in-chief, Dr. Katie Liberatore. In addition to reporting observations for the bulletin, the success of the annual rust survey is aided by submission of rust-infected samples to appropriate personnel. Cooperators are encouraged to visit the Cereal Disease Lab Cooperator's Page for guidelines on sample collection and shipment to appropriate personnel. This webpage also includes links to the Cereal Rust Bulletin, current and historical survey information, guides for rust identification, and other resources of potential interest.

     To subscribe to the Cereal Rust Survey listserv, please contact Sam Gale:
     You may also send reports directly to Dr. Katie Liberatore:
     Cereal Disease Lab Cooperator's Page:"

NAMA, the North American Millers' Association, also publishes a newsletter. "The Weekly Grind" is sent out by email every week. It is intended mostly for NAMA members, but, if you feel that you would benefit from receiving it, you can ask about being put on the list. The editor is Christopher Clark:

With that, maybe I'll head out to the oat plots for a bit and commune with the mosquitoes....