Linking the Past, Present, and Future

The oat research community has been around for a long time, and this newsletter update brings you a whole new section called “Historical Documents”. In this section, you can find copies of hard-to-find books and documents from years past, as well as more recent histories describing past oat research. Don’t forget that the Oat Newsletter archive is also available! Both of these sections can be found under the “Research” tab.

From the much-more-recent past, another round-up of news from the Web can be found in the “Community News” section. In this section, you will also find an article from Neal Robertson (former World Porridge Champion) concerning the recent Swedish Porridge Championship!

Yet more recent news can be found in POGA’s "Oat Scoop" newsletter, so please take a look at that.

We also have news of a recent award – Jim Bradeen, from the University of Minnesota, was awarded the CFANS (College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences) "Distinguished Diversity and Inclusion Award". Congratulations, Jim!

Moving more into future possibilities, many more links have been added to the “Additional Links” section, so you may find those useful. Also, there are two new T3/Oat tutorials from Clare Saied in the “Research Reports” section. Clare’s tutorials (of which there are now quite a number!) are a great resource for anyone who would like to use the data in T3/Oat.

Training new oat researchers for the future is, of course, very important, and there are two PhD Fellowship opportunities available with IBERS and Teagasc, one studying “The influence of genotype, environment and management factors on yield development, grain filling, and grain quality in oats” and the other looking at “Understanding milling efficiency in oats”. The deadline to apply for either of these is June 30!

I will leave you with a reminder to take a look at the upcoming events, as well. Here’s to a wonderful future for our community!