Gatherings galore....

This newsletter update brings you four new research reports, found in the “Research Reports” section. One, by Axel Diederichsen, describes growing perennial oats at PGRC, one is a summary of an article by Yolanda Loarce, et al., and two are tutorials from Clare Saied, et al., describing more tools in T3/Oat.

There are many ways to disseminate information regarding oats, and that includes formal meetings, other newsletters, and events encouraging participation (and oat consumption) by the population at large. An example of the latter was the 23rd Annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship I mentioned in the last update. The results are in, and this year’s porridge-making champion is Bob Moore from Oregon, USA, founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods! It also turns out that there’s a “National Oatmeal Day” in the USA, and it was held on October 29th, not long after Bob’s big win.

As for more formal meetings, please note that the oral and poster presentations from the 10th IOC meeting in St. Petersburg are being posted on the website. Please submit yours if you haven’t already done so!

I met some great people in St. Petersburg, including Georgie Troup. Three 2016 presentations from Georgie, et al., are available on the Grain Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) website.

There are many upcoming events of interest, including Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) XXV, the western Canadian oat association meetings, and two courses concerning plant breeding. These events are listed at the bottom of each page of the newsletter. You can also use the “calendar” link on the left hand side of each page to see them. Please let me know of any other upcoming events!

There will once again be an oat workshop associated with the PAG XXV meeting. Details will follow.

The Prairie Oat Growers Association (POGA) has published the November issue of its “Oat Scoop” newsletter, which not only includes information concerning the western Canadian oat association meetings, but also contains a number of articles concerning oat research, oat producers, and oat products (including an oat vodka!).

The newsletter of the University of Southampton Science Park has an article about Cark Maunsell and Oat Services, Ltd.. I also came across an older article about their colloidal oatmeal product in the ProTec Ingredia newsletter.

The USDA’s AgResearch Magazine recently published an article about using oats for dairy forage. That work is being done by Wayne Coblentz at the University of Wisconsin.

Also forage for some people, I suppose, Anson Mills posted a photo of harvested oat clippings - perhaps for tea or juicing? (Does anyone know anything about a cultivar named ‘Huguenot’?) They also posted an article about making “Goetta” (a type of German meatloaf with oats) in the USA. It includes a rather interesting discussion of “pin” oats.

On the topic of European food, Gold and Green’s “pulled oats” product has won another award! This time it’s from “Image” magazine (article in Finnish).

Back to American food, American Thanksgiving is on November 24th this year, and I wish you all a wonderful feast! As the daughter of an “oatmeal savage”, though, I must also mention that November 30th is St. Andrew’s Day. I shall celebrate by watching this Spirit of the West video (lyrics here).

Whatever type of gathering you have coming up, I hope that you thoroughly enjoy it!