Bioinformatics for Breeding - course at the Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK

"What is the workshop about?

The increasing number of genomic tools and resources which facilitate large-scale analysis of genotypes and traits are leading to novel, quicker approaches to breeding. This course will introduce participants to the sequencing-based methods and bioinformatics tools available to apply genomic approaches to breeding.

The practical course will feature a collection of methods and bioinformatics tools fundamental for modern breeding, especially for crops. Next generation sequencing (NGS) has made large collections of open-source diversity genomic data possible, such as SNPs, that can be used as molecular markers for breeding. Combined with phenotypes, genome-wide association studies provide breeders with an understanding of the molecular basis of complex traits.

What will it cover?

  • SNP calling/discovery and SNPs effects and context
  • NGS techniques for genotyping
  • Genetic markers, linkage analysis, and genetic maps
  • High-throughput phenotyping and image analysis
  • Association mapping (GWAS)
  • Genome-wide predictions, modelling and simulations
  • Genomic selection

Target Audience

The course is aimed at researchers or pre-breeders working in plant (or animal) improvement and interested in applying NGS approaches in the early future, as well as to plant bioinformaticians with basic knowledge about crop breeding."

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 to Friday, February 24, 2017