An updated update...

Seems my timing was a little off this month.... There have been further changes to the 10th International Oat Conference deadlines: the early bird registration deadline is now April 15th, and you have until May 1st to get in those abstracts! Other deadlines may also be changing, so keep an eye on the website.

I also have an important request from Nezha Saidi, who is the Curator of Forage and Pasture Legumes Genetic Resources at INRA in Morocco:

“There is a call for proposals for a joint research grant competition for young Arab women scientists collaborating with US researchers in agricultural science. This is being organised by the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), in collaboration with CRDF Global. I am intending to submit a proposal which will concern the screening of the Moroccan oat collections for drought and salinity resistance. However, I need a US collaborator. Would anyone be interested in collaborating on this issue? The deadline is 15th June, 2016. Thank you.”

If you are interested, please contact Nezha at Thank you!