For your holiday dining pleasure…

We have lots for you to digest in this update. First, in the Research Reports section, we have a copy of the latest SARDI oat breeding newsletter. Also, the November issue of the Prairie Oat Growers Association newsletter is now on the POGA website.

In the Other Meetings section, we have the programme guide containing all the abstracts from the Oats 2020 conference held in Birmingham, UK, in November. There are also links to the conference website, where you can find most of the slide and poster presentations.

Oats 2020 also featured a workshop on Oat Global. The presentation is on the Oats 2020 website, and the Oat Global Manifesto is here. There is also a link to the Oat Global website under "Links". As described there, Oat Global “will enable open sharing of raw data supporting scientific publications, variety releases, and coordinated or individual trialing efforts.” Please take a look at the site. All contributions to this community effort will be welcome!

Chris Green has written a post-Oats 2020 letter to the community, and it is posted in the Community News section. That section also includes an article listing the new names of all the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada research centres. My centre, formerly ECORC, is now the Ottawa Research and Development Centre, and I have included an article about our recent holiday door decorating contest. (More challenging than it sounds!)

Just in time for Christmas, and to further your dining pleasure, there are also a few new recipes in the Oat Recipes section, including one for skirlie (another Scottish oat stuffing) and one for a gluten-free pie crust that actually tastes good!

Finally, there’s at least one person who wants oatcakes for his Christmas dinner! Take a look at this video, which was put together to raise money for research into the genetic disease tuberous sclerosis.

Happy Holidays to all!