Scanning the horizon

Save the date! The ScanOats group will host the 2nd Food Oats Conference from June 19-21, 2023, in Lund, Sweden. More information and options for registration will be posted on their website soon.

This Thursday, March 16th, at 8 pm GMT, Harriet Gendall will present some of her PhD work on 'Pillas', the small naked oat grown in parts of the UK in centuries past. Take note that times across the world are all messed up this week, as many of us have already had our time change. You can check the time offset here.

Please take a look at the calendar for other upcoming events! Note that the deadlines to register for and submit abstracts to the EUCARPIA Cereals Section conference in Hungary have been extended to March 31st.

We still have no new "Speaking of Oats..." webinars on the horizon. Please scan your calendars to see if there’s a time you would be willing to present your work to the community!

The last "SOO..." speaker, Sarah Clarke, has passed along more information regarding a study she described during her webinar in January. The article, on "Nitrogen and sulphur fertiliser management for yield and quality in winter and spring oats", includes a link to the final report at the bottom of the page.

As promised in the last update, I have begun posting a "Weekly Web Harvest" of stories in the "Community News" section on Sundays. Articles from the last three Sundays include various types of information, such as a profile of AAFC researcher Isabelle Germaine, a video from ECRF about a few issues they had with hail, a story about a new oat rust study being led by Robert Park in Australia, a couple of articles related to the work being done by the CROPDIVA group in the EU/UK, and some complaints concerning the buying and selling of oats in Canada(!). These are all presented as I come across them. The next newsletter update will provide more context for some of the material.

Also included in the list posted on March 5th was a link to the March issue of the PlantLink newsletter. The March issue of POGA's "Oat Scoop" newsletter is also available now.

This past Sunday, three job opportunities were also listed along with the more general "Weekly Web Harvest" stories. One of these links to a description posted on the GrainGenes website. Their "Job Listings/Openings" page lists positions available for those who want to study oats, wheat, barley, or rye.

I hope you'll all enjoy scanning the next set of "Weekly Web Harvest" articles on Sunday (okay, Monday for many of you)! More information concerning the ScanOats conference will be posted/tweeted/emailed as soon as it is received.