Questions, questions....

Are you looking for a job? Do you like to learn new things and meet new people? Would you like to win a prize? Do you like answering questions?

The job opening is for a Collections Biologist at Plant Gene Resources of Canada with Axel Diederichsen. The deadline to apply is September 1st!

The upcoming International Oat Conference will be a great place to learn new things. Anyone who registers for in-person attendance at the conference before August 31st will be entered to win one of three Crown Perth vouchers worth $250 AUD! Sign up to receive all the conference updates and speaker biographies by email, or find them on the conference website.

As for meeting new people, Adrian Russell of Plant Research (NZ) Ltd. in New Zealand is reaching out to make new connections. Harriet Gendell is bringing together the past and the present with her PhD work on "pillas" (small naked oats) in the UK, and a local choir was recorded celebrating these oats with song! Claire Connolly, also a PhD student, recently represented Dublin in the "Rose of Trallee" contest. Her bio is here. If you would like to be featured in the newsletter, please reach out to me at

Finally, the next "Speaking of Oats..." webinar will be held on September 27th at 11:00 am EDT (UTC -4). Registration is now open! The theme will be "Keeping the Oat Community Connected", and the webinar will focus on the Oat Newsletter, the "Speaking of Oats..." webinar series, and Oat Global. To help with our efforts to keep the oat community connected, we have put together a survey, which you can access here.  Won’t you please help our community by filling it out?

Thank you!