An abbreviated update

This update is brought to you by the letters I, O, C, D, L, and S....

First, a new update concerning the IOC (International Oat Conference) in Perth, Australia, this October has been sent around to those of you on their mailing list. If you're not on the list, you can join here or take a look at the IOC website.

The full program of speakers for IOC is now available! There are over 100 people from 20 countries presenting talks or posters. Presenters will receive notice of whether they are presenting a talk or a poster by email, and the presentation guidelines are here. Note that the deadline for uploading your slides or posters is October 2nd!

Don’t forget that there are additional workshops on quality, breeding, and rust being held on October 14th, after the main IOC meeting. The International Oat Rust Workers' Meeting will be held from October 17th-18th in Sydney, on the other side of the continent from Perth. All of these workshops require separate registration.

Rust is an important disease of oats in Australia. If that’s where you're based, don’t forget to collect and send rust samples to Melania Figueroa's lab!

As always, the CDL (Cereal Disease Lab) in the US is also looking to collect rust samples. Their crown rust map has recently been updated and issue #4 of the Cereal Rust Bulletin is now available.

"SOO..." (the "Speaking of Oats…" webinar series) is our last topic today. The next webinar will be on Tuesday, September 27th at 11:00 am EDT (UTC -4). As mentioned earlier, this session will be a little different. Pablo Olivera and I would like to discuss "SOO...", the Oat Newsletter, and Oat Global and get your feedback regarding how to improve these services. Please keep an eye out for a survey that we will be sending around soon! More information about the session and a registration link will be posted later this month. I’ll also have more general news for you at that point.

C U again soon!