"Speaking of Oats..." and Oat Global

The next “Speaking of Oats…” webinar will be held this Thursday, March 17th, at 11:00 am EDT (UTC -4). Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada oat breeder Weikai Yan will be discussing “Mega-environment analysis and breeding for mega-environment specific oat cultivars for Canada”.

Registration is open. Remember that most of North America is now on Daylight Savings Time! Check the time offset for your location here.

Our moderator this time will be Pablo Olivera Firpo. Also a member of the Plant Pathology Department at U. Minnesota (UMN), Pablo has taken over as Director of Oat Global from Jim Bradeen. Welcome, Pablo! Jim is moving on from UMN, but leaves behind a great legacy, including the "SOO..." webinar series. Congratulations on your new job, Jim, and thank you so much for your many contributions to the oat community!