"The best-laid plans..."

To paraphrase Robert Burns, “the best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry”, and that’s exactly what happened with yesterday’s “Speaking of Oats…” webinar. Interesting that it was also Burns Day!

We had some technical difficulties that resulted in Pamela Zwer being unable to join the call, so the webinar has been rescheduled to the SAME TIME NEXT WEEK: Tuesday, February 1st, at 4:30 pm (16:30 hr) EST (UTC -5), which is 8:00 am ACDT (UTC +10.5) on Wednesday, February 2nd in Adelaide, Australia, from where Pamela will be joining us. Pamela and guests will be discussing “The origin and evolution of the International Oat Conference”.

If you were registered for yesterday’s session, you do not have to re-register, but please check your email to make sure you receive the updated link to join the call. As always, that email will come from “SBC UMN”. If you weren’t able to join us yesterday but can attend next week, you can register here.

Even though Pamela was unable to join us yesterday, we carried on with the meeting and did have a good discussion. Many thanks to Brian Rossnagel, Nick Tinker, and Ash Wiese for speaking, and to those of you who participated via chat. The session was recorded, and will be made available on YouTube soon.