6th Genomic Selection Course - Madrid, Spain

**This course has now been postponed until 23-27 May, 2022**

The deadline for registration is May 5th.


"The aim of this course is to provide a basic quantitative and statistical framework to apply GS in a routine manner. In this sense, the course is focusing on the application of plant breeding concepts through practical exercises in R.

The course will provide participants with the relevant theory of GS models, as well as with hands-on experience with relevant GS techniques


  • To have the fundamental knowledge to build GS models from the scratch.
  • To have a basic understanding of the main statistical concepts of GS methods.
  • To learn how to apply GxE modelsMulti-trait analysis and Hybrid prediction.
  • To learn about optimal parental contributions and mating designs for multi-criteria breeding.

The course is aimed at plant breeder scientists, graduate students, postdocs, and professionals in the field of plant-crop production who are interested to learn concepts in a problem-based learning approach.

Although, the course is not aimed at researchers with advanced statistical skills. Participants should be familiar with plant breeding and statistical concepts. Course tutorials will use statistical packages in R, and experience in R is recommended but is not essential.

A certificate of attendance will be provided at the end of the course. This course will be equivalent to 5 credits. For those participants who wish to obtain a certificate of attendance of the equivalence of five credit modules, a series of reading and exercises will be provided before, during and after the course to assure the student achieves the learning outcomes."

Monday, May 23, 2022 to Friday, May 27, 2022