Plant Genomes in a Changing Environment (Virtual Conference)

18–20 October 2021

Virtual from Wellcome Genome Campus, UK

"The increasing availability and improved quality of plant genomic data are helping to tackle global challenges such as food security and environmental change.  This conference will showcase the application of genomic techniques and technologies advancing understanding of plant genomes and how they vary across changing environments.

The focus of this year’s virtual event is the genomics of polyploidy and evolutionary genomics, as well as emerging research tools.  How to improve plants for tolerance of biotic and abiotic stresses will be discussed.  The conference aims to facilitate knowledge transfer across plant systems of differing ecology, physiology and genomic complexity.

The virtual platform will enable researchers from academia and industry to connect.  Global participation is encouraged with sessions running in afternoons for Europe and Africa | mornings for the Americas."

Registration deadline is October 11th.


Monday, October 18, 2021 to Wednesday, October 20, 2021